Sunday, July 14, 2013

Weekend in Roswell

We went to go pick up Jordan after he spent a week with Robert in Roswell and got to hang out with Faith, our four nephews, our Grandma Brown, and finally got to meet Jason's Aunt Lori face to face, after having been Facebook friends for several years. It was a nice time!!
The kids were all really excited to be around each other, per the usual. When you get 7 kids together, from 11 down to 2, to spend two nights together, it's bound to be one rowdy good time.
They had a water gun fight Saturday, after 4 of them had been fishing in the morning. It was kind of nuts, but we laughed and laughed.

Right in front of the firing squad for a posed picture...

7 kids and one very overgrown teenager.

Avery was soaked and had such a blast!!

Do you know how annoying and impossible to get 7 kids, especially 5 BOYS to pose for a picture together?

Yeah, Avery, what ARE those boys doing?

Yes, the picture below is what most of the pictures looked like. Adults trying to get kids to stand still, put the swords down, "just one more minute," you know. Stuff like that.

Girls just know what to do for a camera, don't they??? 
I just thought this one was funny of Kadin... :-)

Jordan just trying to hold on for Jax, just for a minute!!

Kadin LOVES Avery...

YES, Avery, boys are bad and will teach you bad habits...

Little stinker.

 It was so nice to visit family, but so nice to be home! I often find myself being the kids police. When there are more kids than adults, it's either they are control or you are! Sometimes, I still think to myself, "When did I become the adult, again?" And I was just thinking about how hard it's going to be when all of these kids become teenagers. Hopefully, by then, we won't have to lift a finger when we are all together, they can cook all of the meals and do all of the cleaning themselves for US, right?

Back to work tomorrow!

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