Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy 4th of July!!

Happy 4th of July! This is only the last half of our day in pictures - these were on my camera. I will add more tomorrow!
We went to QuikTrip Park to watch the Airhogs beat the (insert other team's name here) for a wonderful Independence Day victory! And might I added, it felt WONDERFUL out tonight.

Avery's really catching on to this smiling thing. It's almost like, "Oh you want a smile? I am giving you the most weird smile you've ever seen!"
By the way, Avery gets so freaked out by anything in a costume. First it was Chuck E Cheese, now it's the Airhog mascot.
Afterwards, we moved to the field for the fireworks. Avery did NOT want to go down there at first because that's where the Airhog was. So, the other two just rounded the bases.

And slid into third.

We hung out for a while before the fireworks started. They were playing The Rookie and the kids just played and played.

She finally came around.

"What are those other kids doing over there?"

"Ok, I might want to go play..."
"Say hello to the blur, I am out of here!"

Nothing gives me chills like the song "Proud to be an American" with fireworks going. And man, did they have a finale!!

I have to say, after Christmas, July 4th is definitely a close second on my favorite holiday. So glad I got to share it with my family!!! This is our 5th July 4th together - it's amazing we've been together that long!! I mean, you know, like, cool amazing, not like, "yuck!" amazing. Ha ha.
Have a great evening Blogland - catch you on the flip side!!

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