Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Game Night and Avery Takes Control of the Camera!!!

Tonight we played Uno, the one where you press the button and machine spits them out at you. Uno Blasto? I don't know the name. But we like that game, it's actually really fun.
This was Avery's first official game to play with us. This is a great game for her to learn and recognize colors and numbers!!

Jason kept giving me +2s and +4s, so I literally had half of the deck by the end of the game. See the one on the right? That was my stack at the end.
There was no WAY I was going to win - so I just helped Avery win!
And she did!!
Then, Avery had so much fun taking pictures with my camera. Here are some of my favorites!! We kept having to move into the shot because she wouldn't really aim...

This just reminded me of when Sophia was little and we used to play games with her. She was only 4 and didn't understand, so we would all just pretend we didn't see her cards and just help her. Tonight, Sophia said, "I don't want Avery to play she's too little!" and we said, "Sophia, remember when you were little and we helped you play?" Of course she didn't, but now she knows how her brother felt all those years ago!
It's so weird when stuff like that starts to happen - one kid gets older and isn't the youngest anymore. Crazy! Here are just a couple of the beautiful (and silly) girls. Good night!!


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