Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Inspire Us Tuesdays - Womanly Influence

Welcome to Tuesday! Since it is Tuesday, we will be talking about our next "Inspire Us Tuesdays" topic: The Womanly Influence: What woman has been your biggest influence of your Christian walk and how? OR, what woman do you turn to when you need guidance or Christian encouragement?

I would say that the answer to this question, for me, is that there is no one in particular I turn to for Christian guidance, I feel like I turn to alot of different women whom God places in my path. I have been fortunate enough in my life to be loved on by so many women of faith, who've loved my family and looked out for us in so many ways. I feel like God surrounds me with Godly women at work, at church, and in places we've lived in the last few years, almost as protection. You know, sometimes when you open your eyes and let God take care of you, you would find Godly women in the strangest of places.

I really try and seek out women, and open my eyes and heart to women, that God has put in my life. I am a believer that we can't get through this life alone (I guess we can, but who would want to?) so I try to surround myself with as many encouraging and inspirational women I can find. I especially appreciate the thoughts and sentiment of women with grown children, like my mom, who have lived through children and can offer me snippits of wisdom when dealing with my own kids. I also find that women who have "been there, done that" seem to really make sure I know not to sweat the small stuff, that everything really will be ok, and to appreciate all of these little annoying times in life because it all passes by so quickly.

I think in order to have women influence you, you have to willing to be influenced. Sometimes, that's not always easy. In church on Sunday, a woman who just went to Africa was talking about being a moldable lump of clay and allowing God to mold you how He sees fit. I believe that He does this by people in our lives and situations he puts us in. It's really up to us to have our eyes and hearts open to these people and situations and allow God to work through them with us.

What about you - Has there been a woman in particular who has influenced you in your walk with God? I would love to hear about her!

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