Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Avery, The 2 and a Half Year Old Little Stinker

Avery will be 2 1/2 this month! I just can't believe how big she is sometimes.

Avery is very much in the stage of 2 year old, going on 3 year old. Her disposition is different from day to day. Some days, she wakes up the sweetest, kindest, loving child you can imagine. She is cooperative, obediant, and wonderful. Other days, she wakes up difficult, defiant, pouty, and ornery. It just depends!
No matter her disposition, she always pushes her limits and tests her boundaries. She loves to say no. She throws toys on the floor when we tell her to put them away. She refuses to eat dinner. She runs away (all the time) when we tell her to come here. She can sometimes say mean things (mean for a two year old) to us, like "stop it" or "get off of me" when you are hugging her or trying to change her clothes. Mostly, we just try to ignore it cause we know it's a phase and we don't let her get to us. Sometimes, it's really hard not to laugh because even though she is being defiant or throwing a tantrum, it's just so darn cute, that we have to cover our mouths and look away so she doesn't see us smile!
We use timeouts and spanking sometimes, but I really don't think those work well. Spankings especially. She is the one who when we say, "Do you want a spanking?" she replies, "yes." So, that doesn't work so well as a punishment. Mostly, we just look her straight in the eyes and tell her we don't act like that (and be specific, we don't throw toys, we don't run away). Eventually, she gets the hint. But, she is doing what she is supposed to do, learning her independence and figuring out what she can get away with.
Aside from behavior issues, she is just so much fun to talk to now. She says really funny things. We were driving home last night, and she says, "I need to potty at McDonalds!" cause she knows we will pull over if she has to "potty." Of course, she didn't have to go, she just wanted McDonalds. Yesterday, she told Jason, exasperated, "I potty all the day!" I guess she felt like she had pottied alot.
Sophia and Avery love to play together. Of course, they were jumping on the bed in Sophia's room and Avery fell off. I am the mother that realizes she isn't hurt, then says, "That's why we don't jump on the bed!" I don't empathize with her too much these days, mainly because she is getting to the age where we were tell her not to do something, she will do it, then she gets hurt, like jumping on the bed. I am a big believer in natural consequences. That's what happens when you jump on the bed!

She is very, very into dresses and dress up. She loves to pick out her own clothes and gets upset when you don't let her wear something she wants to wear. I gotta tell ya, I love a girl that is dressed matchy, but I do love me some Punky Brewster. So, it's fine with me if she picks stuff out that doesn't go together. I think it's adorable. Unless the outfit isn't weather appropriate. I don't see myself getting too strict about clothes. My only rules with clothes are 1) Wear clothes appropriate for your activity (no dresses outside, socks and shoes outside, warm clothes in winter, etc) and 2) Brush and do your hair! Mainly because with girls, I hate combing through a rats nest, and that's what happens when girls are outside playing with hair in their face. I think it's great to let their personalities and opinions shine through. We'll see how I feel when they get a little older. Ha ha.
Kids are an adventure, every day!

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