Friday, March 29, 2013

THE Video...You Know, The 5TH Grade Video

Jason got the kids early yesterday for Easter weekend. We gave Jordan his new birthday bike, and we were all out in the front yard playing, when Jordan came up to me. "Can I tell her, Dad?" he asked Jason. "Sure," Jason replied.
"We watched the video at school today." he told me.
"Which video?" I said, naively.
"The video." He asserted. "You know, the ones that boys and girls watch."
"OOhhhh." I said. Was I ready for this? I looked at Jason and thought, 'Surely he isn't old enough for this yet!'
"What did you think?" I asked him.
"It was gross! Especially the part about the girls." he told me.
Pretty soon, he isn't going to think it's gross. Pretty soon, things around this house are going to be different. I wasn't raised with any brothers, so this is all new territory for me. Thank goodness Jason is here to answer questions and that he isn't shy about it. They had a conversation in Jordan's room last night and I am not allowed to know what they talked about...thank goodness.
Oh dear. We almost have a middle schooler on our hands. I feel old.

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