Thursday, March 21, 2013

Do You Have Quiet Time Everyday?

 As with many times in church, last night, I was convicted.
We talked about "What is God's Plan for My Life?" You know, the questions you ask yourself (like I did Monday, remember?) like, What should I do for a living? Apparently, God isn't so concerned with what you do. He is concerned with who you are. In the Trek book, it was talking about how we struggle alot with what we think we should do with our lives. We worry about it. It asked us to write down everything we could remember that we thought about that day. It then asked, how many times did you think about what God wants for you, or being a follower of Christ? I am ashamed to say, it's less than I'd like to admit.
I often drift into daydreaming or focusing on plans for our lives. What job we should take, what we should spend money on, how to raise our kids. Unfortunately, all too often those are all byproducts of a life that isn't being led my Christ and being the person He wants to me to be. I am not saying God doesn't want you to plan for you life, but how can you truly know what He wants if you never talk to Him about it, or listen to Him?
I don't make time for God in my life every day. I don't even make time for God, true time for God, once a week some weeks. There. I said it. And those are the times I have a hard time solving problems in my life because I don't know how. I keep telling myself, each Sunday or Wednesday, that I will set aside time for God, but I don't follow through. But yet, somehow, you see those blog feeds to our right? I sure do read those everyday. You reading this blog? I make time to write it in everyday. Yet somehow, I can't find 15 minutes to devote to reading God's word and listening to His plan for me? That's appauling.
So, I reconciled this situation as best as I can. I found a blog which offers devotionals every day, so in my feed, I can see a devotional a day. I worked it into my schedule. I think this is a good start.
If you aren't having a quiet time with God everyday, I encourage you to start this with me. I would like to hear about how it's changing your heart, mind and choices. I will share my experiences as well!
If you are having a quiet time, where do you do it? What resources do you use?


Don Jones said...

Hi Jenna,
Since I am retired, I have no particular problem in being regular in a daily quiet time with God, which is hindered rarely. But during the years when Nita and I were serving in Korea as missionaries, I realized that I would not be prepared to be God's messenger to people I would be meeting every day, unless I first met up with God on a regular basis. I then began doing something very hard for me, getting up intentionally at 5:30 every morning for intentional time in God's Word and in prayer. I realize that Moms have different responsibilities than Dads, but I think it is possible to make the time for what should be a first priority in our lives--daily quiet time with God. You can do it.

Kaydi said...

I have the YouVersion Bible app for iPhone. It has many different reading plans/topical devotionals to choose from. You can also set it to send you a reminder on your phone daily. I don't use it so much now, but I did before when I was trying to get in the routine. The reminders are helpful. I like having the Bible app on my phone because it makes it a lot easier to read in bed in the morning.

Jenna @ Sharing My Jennarocity said...

Thank you both for your comments and suggestions! They are very appreciated!