Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Passion - Or Lack Thereof

I got this picture from Jenn, the lady who watches Avery...

She has all girls, yet these girls love to dress up in boys costumes.They all had capes and she said they were being superheroes. SO cute.
I've been giving alot of thought lately to my life and what I am truly passionate about. I feel as though my lack of passion in something is what is missing from my life. I try to be passionate for many things, like working and weight loss, church activities, or reading. But you can't fake passion. While those things are important and things I need to enjoy, they are not my passion, which means, I won't do them well at all.
How do you know what your passion is? That's a hard question. According to Wikipedia, passion is defined as: "Passion (from the Ancient Greek verb πάσχω (paskho) meaning to suffer) is a term applied to a very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion is an intense emotion compelling feeling, enthusiasm, or desire for something."

Last night, I was watching Parks and Rec. I guess I have passion for TV! Ha ha. Anyway, Leslie Knope, to me, is the epitome of passion for her work. She was talking about passion. They were doing a model U.N. thing and was saying how important passion is, to find something you are passionate about, and to pursue that passion.
So, back to the question, how do you find your passion? Well, I think your passion is found when you ask yourself these two questions. 1) What do you do in your free time? and 2) If you could do anything you wanted with your life, free of the confines of money, what would it be? I realized I had two passions in front of me that I haven't pursued fully because of little things like money and education. One of my passions is traveling. I love to travel, experience new things, go places. The problem has always been for Jason and I that we have had other priorities that were more important, like paying off debt, that have taken our money. And while we still have plans for money this year, I have told Jason that eventually, we are going to have to work in spending our money going and seeing new places every once in a while. Not only for us, but for the kids. It's not fair to them that they grow up not seeing new places, just because we choose to spend money on other things. And it's not fair for us that we don't travel. I don't want to wake up as an 80 year old one day, realizing I had spent all of my money on garage sales and going out to eat, when I could have seen Europe or Colorado and had wondeful memories.
My second passion is without a doubt, writing. When I think back throughout my life, I have always enjoyed writing. I have always written. I used to write in journals. I would write letters to express my feelings. I have researched and found opinions in all different topics and wanted to write about it. At one point, I really thought I would want to write a book about my life, although that's not something I think I would like to do anymore. Why am I not writing for a living? I obviously write on this blog regularly, so I know I love it. Well, it's hard to find a job as a writer without a journalism degree. Did you know that when I started college at age 18, I was getting a mass communications degree? I knew way back then what I was passionate about, yet didn't finish and never pursued a career in that field. Not sure what I am going to do about that just yet, but writing needs to be something that is incorporated in my career somehow.
I just think without a passion, we all just drift around aimlessly without a goal in life. Every great thing (and bad thing, even) has started from a passion for something. What is your passion? Are you pursuing your passion in some way every day? I am curious how many of you are actually working in the industry where your passion lies.

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