Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Semi-Wordy Wednesday - Playdate

One thing working moms miss out on is playdates. I just have never had one, especially not one during the weekdays. And Jordan and Sophia have never really had friends over at our house, since all of their friends live in Flower Mound. Well, we are glad we are a part of a church with people we are becoming friends with and with kids their age. Today, we had our first playdate! Tomorrow, it will be Jordan's turn to have a friend over (although at their age, I don't think 11 year olds have "playdates" especially boys. They are having Nerf wars and I am hiding in my room with the younger girls for shelter!)
Ester and Marco are 7 and 4, and so they are good ages for Avery and Sophia. Here is Marco cleaning the floor in the playroom (I put all kids who come to my house to work, ha ha!)
And Sophia finally got someone who can play with her nice dolls, so they were combing their hair.
And I also took the kids to McDs today, and of course, whatever Sophia did, Avery had to do. Those two girls are two peas in a very rambunctoius pod.
Happy Wednesday everyone!

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