Friday, March 8, 2013

Open House

Who has two thumbs and forgot about the kids' open house last night? This girl!
I haven't been good about keeping a calendar and it's getting to the point where we have so much going on, that's a requirement. So, we have a car in the shop, I took the train home from work, and Jason had to go pick up all three kids. And halfway home, they say, "Aren't we going to open house?" Crud, we both thought. We knew about this, their mom told us, and we completely forgot. So he drove all the way to Irving to pick me up at the train station, then we had to turn around and go back to Flower Mound. Ugh. But, it was worth it. I love seeing the things the kids have done at school!
They always surprise me because they are asked to do things at school that involve them writing about their families. I always forget that I am one of their "parents" and so when I see my name listed as their step-mom in one of their projects and how much they love me, it's still surprising! I know that sounds weird. It's like, remembering that they still think about me when I am not around.
Sophia wrote about herself and listed math as her favorite subject, which completely surprised me, and that she loves to read, which we can never make her do at our house. It always makes me wonder how much we know them outside of our house. She also wrote about her dad, and I LOVE seeing what the kids write about their dad. She said he was 100 feet tall and 100 pounds, that if she had a million dollars she would buy him candy (she knows him pretty well) and that he loves to play on the playground. She also put together a powerpoint teaches us about different land masses, so I learned a little something!
Jordan wrote a poetry book about so many subjects. This one was especially funny...
And he also wrote a poem about his Poppy which was so sweet.
I am really interested in seeing how Jordan grows up, especially now that he is starting middle school next year. He wants to do band, he loves poetry and art, and he loves creating things. I think Jordan is going to be a kid I can relate to!

Jordan did a poster about himself and wrote about his siblings. The kids NEVER forget that they have three siblings, two little sisters on earth and a little brother, Henry, who is in heaven. That's exactly how they tell people about their brother. Their great-grandfather just passed away on their mom's side and they told us that he is there, watching Henry. Sophia even told us she prays every day now for her family. So sweet.
We went to Taco Bell afterwards, which we hardly ever go to, but maybe the completely unhealthy food made us want to make funny faces.
Can you tell Avery loves her big sister and wants to do everything just like her?!?
I am off with the kids next week for Spring Break, and even though it's not a "vacation" I am still really looking forward to it! I love that my job is flexible enough to allow me time off like this so when we have the kids, I can be off and even work from home if I needed to. It certainly makes like a lot easier.

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