Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy 8th Birthday, Sophia!

This is my 4th birthday to spend with the kids, I just can't believe they are getting this old!!
Sophia turns 8 on Sunday, but we don't have the kids this weekend, and so we decided to do her birthday dinner last night. (We have the arrangement that every other year, we throw the kids birthday party with their friends from school, so this year, it was just us.)

We have been wanting to get the kids bikes since we moved into a house, but we decided this year was a good time. So, she got a new bike! She was so excited.
This is the infamouse "Cupid Shuffle and throwing tickets" I talked about yesterday.

I couldn't help but be sad - they don't even have a real thing to "whack" anymore. You know how it could be a mole, or an alligator and you have those big cushy things you hit them with? Now, it's all virtual. You just hit the TV.

Avery was a little more into the games this time around.
Especially if it is a driving game. She LOVES to drive!

It only looks like she is actually playing this game. She is not.
I was really surprised - Avery HATED and was TERRIFIED of Chuck E Cheese. I mean, curled up on us, shaking, looking around her constantly, fear of him. When I took her to the bathroom a couple of times, she was afraid he was going to pop out at her or something. I felt so bad for her!!
Happy Birthday Sophia!

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