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MORTGAGES - Yuck. Eww. Fooey.

It's like I am reading my autobiography. Check out Thrify Decor Chick's post today. For those of you who know me, you will know why I posted this today.

So, I mentioned to everyone about moving to GP and starting the mortgage process. We started. And OY. This is going to be a process. I am very glad we have waited to buy a home until after we were married and had the baby because there is going to be so many things that I am going to have to pay attention to and keep updated - I can see why purchasing a home can take over your whole life!!!

First and foremost, we have our credit looked at yesterday. I don't have enough credit. Of course. So, I am going to have to get a credit card just to show positive payment history. That's annoying. There is a reason I don't have credit cards, people!!! Then, I am going to have to (try to) get some of the not so great things off my credit report that I didn't even know were on there. Such as, a medical bill for $74 from like, 5 years ago, that I paid but stupidly didn't work out an agreement to have it removed from my credit. I might as well have not even paid the stupid $74 because it stayed on there as a derogatory mark, anyway. So now, I have to begin the long, arguous task of asking them to remove it. Pretty please??? Pretty Pretty Please?? With sugar on top??

The thing I don't like about credit reports in this country, well, there are a few. Let me know if you agree.

1) They are not always accurate of how you will be as a home buyer or car owner. For example, that bill from the hospital I mentioned above? Well, I never got it. The only reason I noticed it before was because I pulled my credit report, saw it, called them and paid it. This has nothing to do with me being responsible. There are just some bills you don't get. And if you don't find out about it until after you pull your credit, you are pretty much screwed. For $74. I think that if you pay it, you should HAVE to have it removed. I don't understand what the point is of continuing to report that ridiculous item for the next seven years.

2) Everyone says "Don't get credit cards." "Pay with cash." But if you DON'T have credit, they have nothing to show you pay things on time. And I know, all of you will say "just buy with cash and credit doesn't matter!!" Ok. I will just wait another, oh 20 years to purchase a home. I think that is a little ridiculous. But I digress.

Ok. Enough of that. Well, I finally found a mortgage company I want to work with. And honestly, I shopped around the same way I shop around for everything. I kept looking until I found someone who would HELP me make sense of everything, who would be patient enough to answer my questions, and who said, "We will HELP you get where you need to be!!" I called 5 different mortgage companies and all of them pretty much said the same thing..."Call back when you are ready!" Ok - how do I get ready????? This last place I called was SO sweet - I found a girl who is about my age and who is so willing to help us. She said, "Don't worry, we will get you there! 6 months will fly by in a flash!" Of course, 6 months is also including the time it would take for ME to become OK with the amount we have in savings to purchase a home, put aside money for a down payment, and buy all of the wonderful items we will need for said home. Even though they are practically forcing me to get a credit card doesn't mean I plan on charging everything. Cash, cash, cash.

Look out credit card company, with a $10 carryover balance you will be making exactly $1 off me each month!!! Don't tell ME I don't contribute to the economy!

THEN there is the ever fun process of actually looking at the homes, hoping they take our bid, and finalizing the process. I will be glad when this is all over. Although, I have enjoyed searching for homes. It excites me to have a yard again and space in the home for the kids to go. I guess I am pretty much excited. Just need to be patient - God will work it out in His timing!

So - MORNINGS. This is pretty much what Avery does in the mornings while I get ready for work. She plays on the bed with the remote control (Why do we spend $5 on toys when we could literally hand them stuff we already have? At the store yesterday, she was in the shopping cart with a beautiful set of teething keys. Did she chew those? No. She chewed my purse strap.) We also got her this new jump - up. Which she likes. She hasn't quite figured out how much fun it can be yet, but she still enjoys it.

Have a great weekend everyone!!


teacherjanet said…
Congrats on starting the process of buying a home. It seems sort of scary (and sometimes) annoying at first but after you are in it the process it isn't that bad. The hardest part for me is coming up with all the paper work that they request and then a month later requsting the same paper work again! We have bought 2 homes and I noticed that for the most part that they want you to get hte loan so they are pretty helpful in getting you were you need to be.

Also congrats on never having credit card debt. It is not a nice place to be as my husband and I were there many years ago and hope to never be again. It is much easier to build credit than to clean up bad credit! HA!

When we bought our last house we found out that we had a medical bill on our credit we had never paid. It was a small amount and I know I never got the bill. We paid it and I am still working on getting it off the credit but we bought a house just the same.

Anyway, good luck in your search? Have you thought about buying a new home? With the way the economy is you can sometimes buy a new home cheaper than buying a pre-existing home.
Doting Hubbie said…
The mortgage process used to be much easier than this. When we first bought a house we had only had one credit card (with a $500 limit) and we were on our second car. The rate, though, was 10%!

When you finally complete the mortgage process please make sure you understand the terms of the loan. WAY too many people failed to do this over the last ten years.

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