Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Walking Dead - Four Episodes Deep and I Can't Get Enough

I just can't wait for this show to come on each week. It's really my guilty pleasure and I absolutely love it. This season, my slight obsession is still going strong and it's been such a good four episodes thus far.
So, just a little recap of where we are going in to tonight's episode (if you have anything DVR'd, this will contain spoilers!)
-Daryl, Machone, Tyrese and alcoholic-guy-who-is-willing-to-get-everyone-killed-for-a-liter-of-liquor are still in a little danger and are unsure if they will get back to the prison in time with the meds to save their friends.
-The last we saw the prison, Hershel was giving everyone herbal treatments in hopes it will help treat the infection and buy everyone a little more time.
-Not one word has been said of the Governor thus far.
-As of two episodes ago, we heard what sounded like a radio signal. We also saw hundreds of walkers that had completely blocked the road out.
-Rick totally bypassed everyone else's opinion on the matter and left Carol to fend for herself in the middle of a suburban neighborhood for murdering two people at the prison infected with the mysterious virus.
Have I mentioned I love this show??
I know the whole Team Rick/Team Carol thing had all of us fans split all week, but I thought this was yet another genius move on behalf of the writing staff. This show works so well because you just never know what is going to happen. I didn't see that coming the whole episode, and I personally think Rick decided to leave her right at the very last minute himself. Genius. And I don't think we've seen the last of her, either.
I am really curious how Rick is going to communicate her absence at the prison upon his return. He could easily say she was attacked or lost and not own up to the fact that he was the one who did it. Although, it would be a really interesting storyline to see how Daryl would handle Rick's decision to dump his kind-of-sort-of love interest on the side of the road. Although, in this last episode, I kind of saw some sparks fly between Daryl and Machone, am I wrong? I love Daryl but not sure how much I'd love him as one-half of a love story.
So, at this point, we only have a few characters remaining from season one - Hershel, his two daughters, Rick, Carl and Glen. Right now, they are kind of running out of characters to kill off and haven't really given us many new characters to root for. I've heard Tyreese in the comics is some sort of bad-mamma-jamma, but so far, all I've seen is a timid, emotional wreck of a guy, not really anything I've liked about him. And that weasily alcoholic guy, there is nothing about him that is interesting to me now.
I am kind of interested in seeing something else happen with the actual walkers and some sort of story line involving other survivors. That radio signal really had me interested and now I'd like to see if there are any others out there. Hopefully, we will see that soon.
30 more minutes, pretty stoked!!

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