Monday, November 18, 2013

Cindy Tamplin Tea 2014

Saturday was the Cindy Tamplin Memorial Tea. This is the 14th year, which means I've been going since I was 19. Every year, this tea has meant the start of the holiday season for my family. I remember going all those years during my 20's, watching people come get married and have babies, not being super interested in charity, not appreciating what my mom and her friends were really doing and the work that went in to this event. This year, God has put the opportunity in my life to do more charitable work than I have in the rest of my life combined and I am so glad I got a glimpse into how much planning and work something like this takes.
I saw those lollipops at Hobby Lobby one day and was inspired to do a fun, candy or "sugarplum" table and have a plate for all of my kids and nieces and nephews. Either that, or I've seen Wreck It Ralph one too many times and was inspired by Venelope Von Schweetz.
All of the kids that came couldn't wait to get their hands on those cookies, marshmellows, and cupcakes. I had a free for all after the event was over. :-)

This year's tea was also the first without our beautiful Miss Kay.

My mom's table

My sister's table

They are still taking your donation as well! Melissa Tamplin is auctioning off a trip to New York, which includes the lodging and airfare. For $25, you get entered for a chance to win!! Drawing will be December 8th, raffle stops December 6th. Make your $25 count today by allowing it to be used for a very good cause!!
Visit to buy a ticket.

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