Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Avery's Birthday Party

Avery had a superhero party this year! Do you know how hard it is to find girl superhero party stuff? It's hard. The lack of appropriate girl superhero toys (and I mean, girls that are superheroes, not superheroes that are purple and pink) is atrocious. Three of the girls that Avery goes to daycare with where superheroes for Halloween, I am thinking they would like to have a cool party once in a while.
Anywho, she had a fun time! This was the first year I invited her friends from church and daycare so she had a blast!!
(Sorry Brooke, I love this picture so much)
And she had fun "opening" her presents. I actually opened them and at one point she just ran away to go play.

I got the kids little party favors and we decided to take a picture. Pretty handsome if you ask me!!

Such a cute picture, especially the fact that she is wearing her new princess gown with her black sparkly boots.


She has played with each and every one of her toys, all day yesterday that is all she did. She loves each one of them! Thank you all who were able to come!!
Yesterday, she grabbed her new laptop and went in to "work" with daddy in his office.

My sister got her this awesome bouncy thing and Avery literally spent about seven hours in it yesterday. She would take one toy at a time, go in there, and either bounce or just watch TV. Avery had a cough so we spent all day in our PJs resting and I think it worked.

Avery got to open our gifts on Saturday, her actual birthday. She got a new camera and the Tangled movie on DVD (we only had it recorded on DVR from ABC Family, so now she has her own copy!) By last night, Avery had taken over 300 pictures. Most of them were blurry or black, but a few we could make out! Especially the one where she took a picture of me in the shower, we have the frosty glass so you could actually make out what it was. So, maybe the whole camera thing wasn't a good idea. :-)
 Happy birthday again, Avery!!

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