Thursday, November 7, 2013

Nostalgia and Some Random Thoughts

Today, as I was sweeping my front walk way of leaves for the hundredth time this week, I was overwhelmed with this feeling of nostalgia for my grandparents house. We used to rake leaves on their very big yard during the fall. We would go down to their house during Thanksgiving and it was in the country, so someone was usually always burning their piles of leaves and there was always this wonderful smell of fire and smoke. Not sure if it smelled good, really, or if it was just the smell of my grandparents house. We would swing on their tire swing with our coats and ride our bikes in their driveway and play and play with each other. We would walk in to their house and smell Thanksgiving lunch cooking...and it smelled wonderful, even the peas and broccoli, which only ever smell good on big-meal holidays.
I wish my grandparents could have met Avery. They would have just loved her to pieces and she would have loved them, too. I just find myself this week thinking about that, the circle of life, new traditions and what my daughter will remember about her childhood and what she will write on her blog in 30 years or so.
Here is Avery, one year ago today. I love this picture.
Sophia and I participated in the three legged race at our church's fall festival on Sunday. We didn't win, but did pretty good I think!!!

Jordan and Sophia practiced ninja training over the weekend. You'll be happy to know that Sophia advanced 6 levels and is now a red and white striped belt. I have no idea what you have to do to advance to the next level or how many levels there actually are, but I just loved this so much because it's pretty much the only time I've seen them play together for longer than two minutes since 2011.

I am getting ready to celebrate Avery's 3 year old birthday in a few weeks. I just love this age she is at. While it is really challenging (or she tries to be challenging), I just love the things that come out of her mouth. I love hearing what's in her brain because it's pretty entertaining up there, apparently. She is becoming incredibly obstenent and very disobedient, but that's her job as an almost 3 year old, right? Christmas is going to be so much fun this year. She actually knows what is going on and what is going to happen, and we get the other two munchkins this year. I always love it when all of the kids are around me that week.

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