Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Abortion Isn't The Issue...

I know a lot of you won't agree with my stance on this, but I am going to put it out there because I think it's important. I was reading an article yesterday about a woman who has been a part of the pro-life movement for years and was discussing how that has changed over the years. By "that" I mean the ways they are allowed to protest abortions. Apparently, there have been laws in place to protect the women who have chosen abortions from overzealous protestors who've overstepped their boundaries when picketing abortion clinics. This particular woman who was the subject of the article said that she wishes they were still able to chain themselves to the front doors of abortion clinics because that would mean that at least one baby was saved from murder.
I have no doubt that these pro-life advocates are coming from a great place and have every good intention in them to save babies' lives. My problem is that sometimes we are so focused on the abortion procedure itself that we forget that these are actual women who are actually pregnant and even if we save them from following through on the abortion, they still have to remain pregnant for the remainder of their pregnancy, then raise a child for the rest of their lives. I personally think, and forgive me here, that we as Christians do a terrible job, on the whole, of supporting women who have chosen life and helping women who have chosen abortion. This is why I am a huge advocate of women who feel strongly about abortion should volunteer or give their money to a local pregnancy resource center. Not only is your money and time helping women through a tremendous struggle in their lives, your local pregnancy center rewards the women who choose life by giving them donated clothes and necessities they will need after that beautiful baby comes. If you can't donate money or time, donate old baby or maternity clothes. Diapers. Formula. Anything you can, will go to help women who have chosen life.
And for those women who've chosen to end their pregnancy, God can forgive them too. The choice they've made isn't one they feel good about or walk away from unscathed. Show these women the love of Jesus and pray for them that they can heal. More often than not, the guilt and unresolved feelings of inadequacy can lead to more damaging behavior like future unprotected premarital sex. Think about how much these women would benefit from love and support from the Christian community, instead of being called a "murderer" or someone who "uses abortion as birth control." (I hate both of these terms for women, FYI.) A changed woman after an abortion can not only protect her own future unborn children, but can also use her experience to help other women in the same predicament.
I've been volunteering at the pregnancy center now for several weeks and it's been an eye-opening experience for me. This "issue" of abortion isn't about the abortion, it's about women and their circumstances. Many of them are terrified to tell their parents. Many are mostly afraid of having the initial conversation and the feelings they get from people who will find out. It's a very temporary solution to permanent problem. They are scared and upset and don't know what to do. They can't see how a baby could ever be a blessing. They can't see how their parents could ever understand the position they were in. It's also upsetting to hear about women who are actually forced to have an abortion from their parents.
Just, take some time today and pray for women. Women are in a unique position than men and have to carry this burden, often alone, and make decisions that affect the rest of their lives. Also, take some time and give some money to our pregnancy center. $1, $5, it doesn't matter. We'll take anything we can get.

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