Tuesday, November 5, 2013

First Day of Mother's Day Out

Once the decision was made that I would be at home working instead of at an office, we started making a few decisions with the way Avery is spending her week as well. Since Avery has been 6 weeks old, she has gone to full time, at home daycare. I've loved at home daycare so much, especially for little ones. They get socialization but not super strict time tables and are able to be loved on by the same person every day. I've always thought when Avery turned 3, we would put her in a more formal preschool environment. Now, since I am home, there is just no need for her to be in daycare full time, but I still wanted her to continue a few days a week in a more formal environment. I found a really great Mother's Day Out program - we tell Avery it's "school" - and today was her very first day.
(I ran out of chalk and so this is white crayon, which is why you can't see it, ha ha!!)
We went last night, got her a lunchbox to match her backpack, I packed her bag and her lunch, and then had an anxiety attack (not really) that my child was old enough to be going to "school." Not really sure how the day before actual preschool or kindergarten is going to go, a little nervous about that.
We took her out to eat at McDonalds of course (my pappaw would be so proud)...
(we caught her in midchew)
We showed up and it wasn't two seconds before she made her first friend and started bossing him around. I think she is going to be OK. She was so excited to go into her room and sit at her chair and start coloring. She waved in our general direction when it was time to go, no tears for her!!
I really don't know what it was last night that was making me a little sad. I never get sad for Avery to hit milestones, I am always excited for her birthdays, and while I am in awe of how fast it goes, I never get sad. Last night, I was a little sad. Maybe it was because she had to take a lunch to school, maybe I was worried about her being in a new environment and would she be happy there? Would she have a good teacher? Seriously, school is going to be so weird. But, she was SO excited to go today and couldn't stop talking about going to school. When we got there, she was so excited. I got excited for her once I saw that she wasn't nervous. I am so happy she will get to do some really fun things and get to learn some great new things.
I can't help but thinking how fast it all goes. I've always second guessed my career choice at this point, but yesterday, I spent some great time with her and I get to be there to pick her up and take her each day. I realized I only have 2 and a half years before she has to go to school every single day and before then, I get to spend good quality time with her and I love the stage she is in. I am grateful God gave us this opportunity and has allowed me to go into a career that gives me the flexibility I need right now.

Ok, now I am going to go watch her 1st year video and cry my eyes out. Just kidding. 

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