Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I would be lying if I said moving into this house is worry free. My worry is not, however, whether it's the right thing for our family. We have no doubts this is the house we love and the one God wants for us. Everything has worked out so well to this point, it's just a true sign that this is the direction our life is going.
But worry does set in, on occasion. I did our budget for the next few months and also did the projections on how much we would need to save as a down payment to buy our house. It's alot and it's going to be a challenge. We are going to have to really buckle down and make sure we are careful about getting our savings to where it needs to be. I also realize this house is VERY large and it's going to take a little adjustment to pay the utilities. But, I've been following a budget for a while now and we've done well to this point, so I know it's going to work out, as long as we stick with the plan!
Sometimes, you really just don't know how God is going to work things out. Where you have worries, He knows the plans. So I try very hard not to wonder about plans for life anymore. I know that as long as I am making good decisions, being proactive, and thinking about things with a good head on my shoulders and listening to His voice, things usually tend to work out just fine. There have been many times I've wondered "where is this going to COME FROM?" And it always does.
I am not really worried about the furniture at this point. I do realize that our house is big and has much more space and our furniture now is just going to look minimalistic when we move in, and that is very OK. We have everything we need moving in. We have beds for everyone to sleep in, dishes to eat on, pots to cook in, a place to wash our clothes. For that, I am truly grateful. I was also informed today that our kitchen cabinets are getting PAINTED! I really thought that was a project I was going to have to take on myself, I was ready to do it, actually, but the owner said they are going to paint them if we want and opted for them to go ahead and do it. I feel as though it's going to look like a new home by the end of the week, and I just couldn't be happier.
I am looking on Craigslist every day, though, for good deals, but I've told myself to hold off on getting any more stuff until we move. We have talked about having a garage sale before we go, just to make sure everything is cleared out and we start fresh. It's mostly my old clothes and Jason's that we want to sell or give away, but that will be happening soon.
Other than that, life around here is busy. Saturday starts the kids' soccer games, we started Trek at church tonight (Jason and I are working with the junior high schoolers) and Sunday also starts my first official day in the 1st and 2nd grade Sunday school class. We are shopping for some much needed clothes Saturday, Brooke is doing my hair Sunday, and in between that, we need to find boxes to start packing. We only have three weekends before the big moving day and I know that's going to totally sneak up on us, if we aren't careful.
I guess that's it, just some thoughts today. Have a great Thursday!

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