Friday, September 28, 2012

What's going on in Whitehead World?

I feel like a terrible mother (not really) cause I haven't really taken many pictures this week. My phone seems to be on constant low battery and I feel like I am in a wurlwind of activity, so pictures are just the last thing on my mind.
We officially move tomorrow into our new house, and we couldn't be happier! My daughter is spending the night with her Pops (Gigi will be out of town) and her Aunt Leslie. And if things work out, she will be going to her first official football/high school football game to watch the Mighty Gophers!
I wanted to make her a shirt that said, "I am not a Gopher yet, but my Pops sure was!" But alas, I had no time.
Last night, I spent part of my evening spray painting 91 light and electrical outlet covers. They were dingy and in need of some TLC. And of all the things I wanted to spend my money on, new light and electrical outlet covers just ain't one of them. So one $4 can of white spray paint later, they look good as new. Now, tonight, Jason and I will be putting them all back on. Sheesh!
Everything is packed, now all we need is to get it all moved. The movers come tomorrow, I am so glad we are not moving the furniture ourselves. But we are moving the smaller stuff and the boxes we can carry. We live less than a mile away, so it's nice to be able to run a carload of things up the street.
You know, I think I was putting the cart in front of the horse, thinking about furniture and decor for this house. As it turns out, these are the items of more importance at this time...
New vacuum that doesn't smell like dog
Ceiling fans for the living room
Thank you Mom, for reminding me about this one...
New dead bolts
TONS of these
Blinds for Jordan's room
NONE of these are fun. I would much rather be thinking about a new TV, a new dining room set, how I am going to decorate the walls, etc. But first things first, I guess, right? Like my dad and I talked about this morning, one thing at a time!!!

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