Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Is It Always "ALL" God?

This whole weekend has been like a dream. I still can't believe we are actually moving into this house! It got me to thinking about God's plan for our lives. We hear it's "All God!" when good things happen in our lives. And it's is, for sure. But I also think we don't give ourselves enough credit.
God obviously has empowered us with choice, which in my opinion, is more powerful than any amount of money you can have. When you make choices about your life, that impacts it in so many ways, both good and bad. While God knows our lives and knows our life plan, we have to make good choices and listen to God to really see the good God can do for your life.
Jason and I made some bad financial choices in our life that we have paid for, and are having to pay for, now. Because of those choices, it has really limited our ability to make the most of our lives, financially. But I feel like we have worked for a long time and done our duty to fix those issues. We have sacrificed and gone without and tried to listen to God's plan as much as we can because we really had an idea of where we wanted to be. God worked out the timing, but we kept our eye out, and looked for opportunities, every day, that would be good for our future. I feel like I have spent countless hours on CL, realtor websites, talking with people, etc. trying to find something that would work. So while people might think this kind of thing "happens overnight" or "just fell in our laps," that is not exactly accurate.  I think God wants your life to be blessed but He also knows blessings should come at the right time and for the right reasons.
I don't know, this was just all something I was thinking about. I pray to continue asking for God's advice in my life. He is there to give you the right answers. I fully trust His guidance and even if I have to be patient sometimes, it always works out. I think I have alot more patience now than I ever had before, so what a good lesson I've learned! Ha ha!
I took these pictures the other day - what a cutie!
Blurry cheese!

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