Monday, September 10, 2012

Drama, Drama, Drama

We didn't get much packing done this weekend. Ok, we got NO packing done this weekend. We were busy.
Saturday was Sophia's first soccer game!

Tell me she's not the cutest "Heartbreaker" you've ever seen. (That's the name of her team).
So, she got her ears pierced a few weeks ago. We've been telling her every weekend we have her to turn her earrings all the time so that they don't grow on her earring and so they heal faster and they won't hurt. Does she listen to us? No. "My mom said I don't have to..." is what we get most of the time. That's happening alot more lately. Not in a rude way, just matter of fact. That is so frustrating. Anyway, they have to take their earrings out for the game. Since it was our weekend, I took her earrings out and after the game (she did GREAT by the way) it was time to put them back in. Her mom was leaving and she ran after her and told her she didn't want to put her earrings back in, cause they hurt. Her mom told her she would be in trouble if she didn't.
We got to the car and I put in one earring. She was crying and screaming cause she said it hurt. I NEVER see her scream and cry, but she was. We got one earring in and now it was time for the other. She cupped her hand over her ear and screamed "I DON'T WANT MY EARRING!" We tried to put it into her ear, but the back had grown back and we couldn't get it in. I felt really bad for her, but at the same time, I was a little aggravated with how she was carrying on. We called her mom and she told Sophia that she needed to keep trying, but Sophia just refused.
We got to the mall and tried again and Sophia made a scene in the mall when we tried again. I was so frustrated with her. We went and got some lunch and tried to ice her ear down. After a few minutes, Jason finally got the earring through. Not two minutes later, Sophia was as happy as could be.
The moral of the story is that either get your daughter's ears pierced when they are really little or when you feel they are mature enough to handle that it hurts and they need to take care of them.
Jason and I both get tired of our opinions never getting listened to and what we say getting ignored. It's hard being a non-custodial parent, when you have ideas on how you would do things and someone who does something very different. And just because the kids don't live with you most of the time, your opinion doesn't seem to matter, even though you are equal amount of parent.
I feel like as a step-mom lately, I have no patience. I feel like I am on edge alot and get frustrated really easily with how the kids can act. I don't know if I would be just a frustrated with Avery or not. I think I do get frustrated with her, but it seems like she doesn't give me lots of reasons to be frustrated just yet, so I guess we will just see. Probably alot of it is that of everyone in the scenario, I have least control over what goes on. It's not a fun place to be, especially when you love the kids and want to be a part of their lives.
We took the kids clothes shopping this weekend. Sophia got these boots from her Nawni and the dress is new. Isn't she adorable?

Here are just some more pictures from Jason's phone that I hadn't uploaded yet..
April, me and Avery
We have a zuccini plant in our backyard (well, we did before we had to kill it. We are moving and it was HUGE!) The plant itself was so big that we had trouble seeing the zuccini in it, until they were enormous! We looked in one day and behold, we saw this ENORMOUS zuccini! I guess if we get into our new house and can't afford food, we can always live off zuccini! Just kidding.
Last weekend, we took the kids rollerskating again. Did you know they had skates to fit toddlers?? They make the wheels real tight so they can practice on them easily. She liked it for a while, but mostly just loved to watch people skate by.

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