Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Busy Little Bee

One word that describes Avery these days: BUSY.

She is busy all. the. time. Her favorite things to do are play with her "babies," sing, play the piano, run around, and play with her sissy. She especially loves her babies. Ever since Colbi came into the picture especially, she is really into caring for them. Covering them up, putting them in her stroller, carrying them from one place to another, kissing and hugging them, then after all of that, throwing them on the floor. In a loving way, of course.

Avery's vocabulary is growing leaps and bounds. I am blown away with how many words she knows and the phrases she is using these days. She can sing full songs (not with the clearest words) but she can sing Twinkle, Twinkle, Jesus Loves Me, The Alphabet Song, and If You're Happy and You Know It. Her memory for music is so advanced....she can listen to a song once or twice and have parts of it memorized immediately. Jason and I are always so surprised that when we've turned on a song once, we will hear her in the backseat singing certain parts. Avery can count to ten all by herself and is starting to learn the letters in her name.

She struggles with colors, though. We try to get her to recognize her colors, but she can't tell you consistantly what colors are. Another thing we've been trying to get her to do is tell us how old she is. When we say, "Avery, how are you?" She says, "Good." When we say, "Avery, how OLD are you?" She says, "Good." So, we are working on that for her second birthday.

Avery is almost 22 months old and is wearing 3T clothes on a regular basis. Some of her clothes, like her PJs, are her sister's hand me downs from when she was FIVE. Avery is incredibly tall for her age (of course she would be, her dad and I are both very tall). Since we are moving, we haven't done anything lately with potty training. One major life change at a time, you know. So she is still in diapers and probably will be for a while, and that is very OK with me. She is also getting a new big girl bed this week, so after we move, we will see about moving her into it (at some point, not rushing this one, either!)

Avery is a girly girl right now. She loves her bows, she loves to have her nails painted, and she loves to try on clothes. Her favorite shows on TV right now are Calliou and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She would probably watch Dora if I let her, but Dora gets on Mommy's nerves, so we don't watch her very much (after the first song of "I'm the Map!" and hearing "swiper, no swiping," I nixed Dora in the bud). She is still very much in the habit of getting out of bed, drinking her morning milk, getting under the covers of Mommy and Daddy's bed, and watching her morning cartoons. We do, and have done, this every morning of her life and it's a great routine.

She has a great imagination and loves to play "make believe." This morning, she had two of her "babies" kiss each other and said, "Momma and Daddy!" and pointed to them and them to us. I am really glad she sees us be affectionate in front of her, I love that she is secure and happy. Every morning, I kiss her, then she kisses Daddy, then Daddy kisses me. We do this about 3 times, cause, you just can't have enough kisses! Except I started a bad habit; when she wouldn't give me kisses, I would pretent cry. Now, when she won't give me kisses, she will say, "cry!" Like I have to cry for my kisses. No way, Jose. I am taking my kisses, I don't beg for them!

She is pure joy. She has her two-year-old moments from time to time, but nothing we can't handle. We are just so happy and she is a bundle of fun!

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Brooklynn said...

Aw. So sweet. She is a busy bee!! Love her!