Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Avery and Nemo

I love Finding Nemo. When it's on, even when the kids aren't around, I would probably still watch it. So when I found out they were releasing it in 3D, I knew Avery should go. I told my parents they should take her! So they went and picked her up as a surprise yesterday and took her to the movies!

Mom said she did really well, considering how long it was! They said she did a good job wearing her glasses and ate lots and lots of popcorn (no surprise there). I was so proud of her!!

Mom said the movie time was moved to an hour later than what they thought, so they got there a little early, which gave them time to shop (Lord, help us!)...

Candy, of course!

So many animals! Do your kids have Pillow Pets and are they worth it?

Then, I got this awesome picture from my sister.

That's my two month old niece, sitting in a Bumbo, holding her head up like a champ! You seriously have no idea how strong this child is, even from when she was born! I changed her diaper one day and was so surprised at her leg strength. When you hold her you have to be careful that she doesn't squirm out of your arms! You expect this little baby to lay there easily in your arms, but Colbi does not. My parents call her the "wiggle worm!" That's a great sign, Brooke, you have an independent and strong little lady on your hands, would we expect any less from a child you created??

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