Friday, January 17, 2014

The Kiddos

Cobli came and stayed with us the other day and I guess I forgot to post some pictures!!
I am so glad Colbi loves coming to our house! It means she gets to do it a lot. And that makes me happy.

Avery is the bossiest thing around Colbi. She reminds me SO much of Sophia when Avery was really little, and then when she learned to talk. "Colbi, say Jenna! Colbi, say Jason! Colbi, say Avery!" All. The. Time. It's pretty cute though. One of these days, Colbi is going to tell Avery what's up and not let her boss her around anymore, kind of like what Avery did to her sister when she learned to really fend for herself. :-)
I took this picture the other day of Jordan and Avery. Avery hasn't always taken to Jordan, but Jordan has always loved, loved, loved her. Lately, Avery is really loving him, and wants to give him hugs and kisses and play with him. I think having an older big brother is pretty cool.

And by the way, when did he get so big? Man.


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Brooklynn said...

Cute pictures!!! "Hey, Colbi Morgan."