Thursday, January 16, 2014

Muffins with Moms

Today, Avery's school had Muffins with Moms. I was glad to go and eat breakfast with her, except, the second we got there, she was like, "I want to go to my class." I was like, "If I give you a chocolate muffin, will you hang out with me for a minute??" She agreed.

In all seriousness, though, the child is really my shadow. I really love that she just loves me so much and more than that, loves to be around me. She really is a mommy's girl, for sure. We've been going through a not-so-great stage of the 3's lately. I am really ready for her to be out of this stage, it's hard negotiating with a strong willed, smart 3 year old, who is fickle, stubborn, and independent. Sounds like someone I know. Who could that be???
Well, today, I pleasantly surprised to step on the scale and see that I'd lost 5 pounds! This weight loss challenge is going really well and I am doing really good at sticking with it. Jason and I joined the YMCA a couple of days ago and I was able to go to my first aerobics class, which was so much fun, I stayed for two. (Our Zumba instructor is great!!) Today, I am sore all over and can't wait to go back in the morning, so that's always a good sign.
On another positive note, hopefully, by this time next week, I'll be an active, licensed Realtor!! I can NOT WAIT to get started. There have been a few obstacles, but I'm nothing if not persistent. So, I am hoping! Keep me in mind if you are buying or selling a house!!!
I am also giving my testimony about my experience working at the Pregnancy Center on Sunday at church for Sanctity of Life. I am really excited to share and hope it will make a difference with collecting items and donations we need!!

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