Friday, January 17, 2014

My Weight Milestones

Before Jason and I started dating, I'd never really had to lose weight. At one point in my life, I did lose a lot of weight, not because I had to, but because I was depressed and going through a guy-thing and ended up losing about 30 pounds, which at the time, put me right about 127 pounds. I am almost 5'10. I'll just say, that wasn't a healthy weight. I never want to be that small again. I looked emaciated, and I was, because I working out all the time and barely eating anything. So, I gained about 20 pounds and was happy right at that weight. I didn't have to do a ton of stuff to maintain that weight, I was after all, 25.
Well, now, I am 34, and to the point where I really have to lose some weight. I never thought I would be at a place in my life where losing weight was really necessary, but at this point, it really is. In September, I had somehow gained 20 pounds and was about 6 pounds away from my heighest pregnancy weight. When I saw that, it broke my heart. I just couldn't believe I'd let myself get so big. I am not one of those women who scrutinized myself in the mirror and hate the way I look. I'd have good days and bad days, but I felt like when I looked at myself, I looked like a women, a women in her 30's, and a women who'd had a child. So, I guess I didn't see myself as getting bigger until I stepped on that scale and when I looked at pictures of myself. I knew at that point, I had to do something about it.
At this point, I have three milestone weightloss goals. I have the weight I was when I met Jason, the weight I was at my wedding and how much I weighed when I got pregnant (which was about 11 pounds heavier and both the same number), and the lowest I've weighed after I had Avery. Basically, I gained 11 pounds from when I met Jason to my wedding, I gained 40 pounds during my pregnancy, and after I had Avery, I lost 30 pounds, which was 10 pounds more than I was when I was pregnant.
Right now, I am about 10 pounds away from my first weight milestone, my lowest post-pregnancy weight. I am pretty excited about that one. Eventually, I'd like to get down to 5 pounds less than what I was when I first met Jason, which means I have about 35 pounds more to lose. That would put me right at the median healthy weight for my height, and right back into a size 8, which would make me ecstatic.
I am having a lot of fun working out this week, and I am actually doing it, which is astonishing. I haven't been this disciplined in over 5 years. When I get past that first hurdle, it's going to be amazing!!! 

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