Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Date with my Daughter

I took Avery out to eat, just her and me. I took her to a place called Millar's Café. When my mom and aunt were kids, it was a soda fountain called Millar's and my mimi would take them there for breakfast. It's funny how life comes full circle.
I tried to get pictures of her and didn't even look at them until after we left.

That child just brings pure joy into my heart. I didn't even tell her to make a funny face until the last one.
Sometimes, I think she and I are SSOOOO alike and other times, she does things that truly surprise me. But I always think she is amazing. I have been really blessed in my life, with a daughter who is just easy to be around and silly, who loves life and is outgoing. Who loves other people and loves to make friends.
We had a party at our house on Saturday night and there were lots of other boys her age there. All of the sudden, my daughter comes out in her pink Superman Halloween costume with high heels and one of the boys comes out in a pink crown and sunglasses. They are holding hands and the walk around the house, announcing that they are married. I hear them talking in her room and he says, "Come on, queen!" Yeah. You know that's right. (Just kidding). She just cracks me up and her jovial, positive spirit and sense of humor is just a blessing straight from God. I hope she never, ever loses that, no matter how hard life gets and how easy it can be to dip into the pool of despair. I hope she never loses the urge to make a silly face and meet new friends, being nothing but exactly who she is. That's my prayer. That she will love God and love who God made her to be, no more, no less. Just exactly herself in every way.

Man, do I love that little munchkin.

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