Friday, April 4, 2014

Ode to Cadbury Mini Eggs

Oh, Easter candy, with your pastel colors, why must you tempt me?
With your chocolate, chewy, sugary goodness, I simply can't resist.
But alas, the one above all others, oh mini egg, how you pull me in...
The delicious, milk chocolate center. The crunchy, chalky outer shell.
Oh, how I love you so!!!
What? Your only $1 for two bags? I'll take six.
And eat them all at once.
But today, today, I found something even better....

WHITE mini eggs.
White chocolate, white shell. Sweet. Crunchy, yet velvety.
Easter candy, you come but once a year. But when you are here, I love you.
And my hips say "Thank you" for being a limited edition treat.
But my taste buds say...

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