Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter 2014

Because of the way the custody papers are drawn up, whatever weekend Easter falls on in the month is who has the kids (1st, 3rd, etc.) We have had the kids for Easter for the last 3 years, I think. We won't have them again on Easter for 6 years, or until Jordan is a senior in high school. So, we decided to spend our Easter with their cousins in San Antonio.
My brother in law is an associate pastor at a cowboy church. We really love going there and visiting their church. They have an arena out back and everyone wears cowboy hats and I love the music - steel guitars, country voices. It's great. They always do really awesome community events as well - we went down there one Halloween and it was awesome. Well, Easter was no exception! We basically arrived and drove straight to the Easter egg hunt. They put out 20,000 eggs. Man, it was amazing! There wasn't any candy in them - they said one year they put candy in the eggs and all of the eggs were covered in fire ants - so they kids had to bring 30 empty eggs and redeem them for a big bag of candy. I thought this was a good way to prevent fighting!
My child, the girl with the always un-tied tennis shoes.

Not sure how many more Easter egg hunts Jordan has in him. 

Egg hunting, 2012
Little missy, 2014

Bubba and Avery, 2012
Bubba and Avery, 2014

Kadin LOVES Avery. He leads her around, holding her hand. He plays house with her and is so sweet to her. It's the cutest thing to watch!

We all decided to color coordinate to take some pictures. Taking pictures of 7 children isn't easy, but it's getting easier as they get older!!

Easter 2011
Easter 2012
Easter 2013
Easter 2014

Ugh, these kids need to stop growing. Can someone please put a block on their heads???

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