Friday, August 30, 2013

First World Problems.

I recently read an article on Babycenter entitled "Please Stop Buying Toys For My Kid."
I have no idea why, but the title just put me off.
This is such a first world problem. In fact, most all of our problems in this country are first world problems and it aggravates me.
This author goes on to basically complain that she doesn't have space for all of the toys people buy her child...once again, first world problem. I get it, ok. We are all surrounded by Toys R Us, Walmarts, Targets, etc, and it's easy to go overboard with toys for their birthdays and Christmas. I get it, it's hard to organize them. You feel like they are overwhelming your life. But I don't know - to sit there and complain that your child has too many toys is just insulting to me. There are kids in this world who will never have a toy bought for them for Christmas or their birthday and you are sitting there complaining that people are buying your child too many, like it's a real problem in life? Go donate those underused toys that he doesn't play with anymore to people or charities who need them. Like those children who are sitting in shelters with no home at all.
I just wish that we didn't always put our problems out there in such a way that makes us look like spoiled Americans with nothing better to do than complain about the amount of toys we have in our house. Can't you just quietly clean out your home of toys and not have to publically declare it and complain about it? At least acknowledge while you are complaining, that in the grand scheme of life, this problem has the significance of a chickpea and think about all of those children who have nothing and maybe think twice about complaining about it at all.
I hate even saying anything because there are so many things we all complain about that really don't matter, I am guilty of it as the next person. Facebook is the worst for complaining about insignificant things. "My cable is broken!" "I have waited in line for 10 minutes to buy groceries!" "I am not a huge fan of my teacher (in the education system we receive in this country that isn't even a right it's mandatory)." I realize I sound so hyprocritical right now, seeing as how I've probably said all of those things, and then some, on my own Facebook feed. But I guess sometimes, you see something that gives you a little perspective on just how good we have it, like being able to write whatever I want on my very own blog on my laptop computer that I appreciate now oh so very much more.
Ok, off my soapbox for the day.

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