Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Beach

Well, we just got back from the beach. I am tired. Jason is tired. Avery wasn't tired (once we got home). The dogs were very happy to see us!!
Avery was the cutest two year old on the beach!!
It was such a pretty beach!
Although, I wasn't thrilled to get stung my a jellyfish all over my legs.
The drives down there and back were long. 12 hours on both trips. But, everything worked out OK and we got where we were going without any major incidences, like blowouts or accidents.
Always a favorite of mine is sitting on a patio drinking coffee, even if the beach is hot and so is coffee.
The beach was so much fun, especially for the girls. Colbi loved the sand so much that she ate a little bit.

We ate at two really great restaurants while we were down there. This place was called Lulu's and it is owned by Jimmy Buffet's sister. It was an open air seafood restaurant right next to the water. It was great!!

And of course. there was lots of relaxing and hanging out. And love. And goofiness.

Isn't she precious???

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