Friday, August 2, 2013

Super Excited - Netflix Profiles is Coming!

In our house, we probably watch more Netflix than anything else. I love it mainly for the TV shows and Jason loves it for action movies. I will also add several chick flicks from time to time. Jordan watches Merlin and other older-kid movies, Sophia watches She-Ra and Littlest Pet Shop, and Avery watches Sesame Street and Super Why.
Without a doubt, the kids watch Netflix more than either Jason or I do, so in our recommended sections, or all of the other streaming videos, they mostly end up being stuff for kids. It gets very aggravating because most of the time, I will end up having to search for stuff I want to watch (I know, first-world problems), or end up floating through a sea of little kids movies, The Avengers cartoons, or all four of the Mission: Impossible movies and any and all movies or TV shows kind of like it.
Beginning this month, for the same monthly price of $7.99, they are now adding profiles onto Netflix to allow each member of the family to log in as themselves, allowing them to only have movies and TV shows that cater to their tastes. Hallelujah!! From what I understand, you can have up to 5 profiles per account. I have also heard that, unfortunately, Roku won't have the profiles up and running for a while. That's a bummer. We also get Netflix through our TV and it's even less sophisticated than our Roku. Not quite sure why all streaming devices are so different, but hey, at least it's on the horizon, right?
Netflix now apparently has some great original programming. I've heard a few of the TV shows they've created are pretty awesome. I probably need to watch those at some point.
I have a feeling before too long, things with cable with be going the way of corded phones and how we watch stuff will be completely different. Hopefully, Netflix will stay at the low monthly price of $7.99 and I can continue to get great stuff to watch!!

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