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Happy Friday!

I was really hoping I would have a good, DIY curtain project for a post today. But it was a no go last night. So I guess I will just have to post pictures of this little cutie instead. Darn. 

This is going to sound so weird, but I just can't get over how much of a little person she is starting to look like. She just looked so much like a baby for so long, and now when I look at her, she is like, a little girl, with her own facial expressions and manurisms. She knows to smile when I put that phone in her face.

She loves sticking her tongue out, and licking her chin, and licking a toy that comes her way.

 Just some Avery updates:

She has really slowed down on the grinding of her teeth, now that they have all completely broke through. I think she just liked the sensations on her gums or something. No more teeth any time soon!!!

 She is SO CLOSE to crawling! She leans forward while on her bottom and rocks back and forth. She is also leaning forward and getting off her bottom, or she will rock and come forward on her belly. We try so hard to get her to come to us (well, not SO hard. As soon as she's mobile, it's all over!!)

She stands up by our coffee table completely by herself, for a very long period of time.

She loves to crawl on us, on things, on her bed, on pillows. We are basically her jungle gyms, lately!

She has slowed down on eating cereal because it started making her really constipated, so we eat alot of jar food and puffs. I think since she's got all those teeth, we will start with Cheerios, cottage cheese and noodles soon. We already give her bits of toast, hamburger buns, or any other bread-like food. She does pretty good chewing those up, so probably within the next month or so, we will move up to the next thing. AAHHH!!

We are going through our seperation anxiety phase, lately. When I leave a room, or even her sight, she starts screaming crying. It's actually quite cute. I think next time, I will take a picture. She is usually sitting down, and she balls up her fists and then just CRIES - her face turns red and she leans back as if to say, "Why, mom, WHHYYYY???" The only reason it's so cute is because it's just so pitiful. I love it. Only because I know it's only a phase and then she will be way too busy to notice if I'm there or not!

I am ready for the weekend - we get to see my parents today, then Robert and Shari this weekend! I love being around family.

Have a great Friday and weekend!


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