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Girls Room Reveal! Part One

I wish I had before pictures of this room. When we moved into this apartment last January, this room started off as Jordan's room. When we found out Avery would be joining us, it became Jordan and Sophia's room. THAT was a fiasco. Girls and boys stuff does NOT go together well at all. It was just a mismatch of things everywhere. Keeping anything straight was next to impossible. I just opted not to go in there many days.

Having one full time kid and two part time kids brings up alot of questions. Who gets the big room? Who gets their OWN room? My philosophy has always been that we have a daughter who is there all of the time, so she needs the biggest room. But I don't want the kids to ever feel like they don't have space to call their own, either. But my philosophy has kind of changed a little. I do think Avery needs the biggest space, just because she has the most stuff. But I don't necessarily think she needs her own room. Not yet, anyway. I don't think that will be an issue for a long time to come. And even if she does share, she doesn't share that often. But Jordan, he does need his own room. It's just fair. So, we compromised. We gave Jordan the smaller room, but he got it for his own. I redecorated his room (And I have some more ideas for that room, AGAIN. It's just not finished to me yet, but right now, he loves it, so one thing at a time!) As far as Sophia, she is all but ecstatic to share a room with her little sister. So, it works SO much better to have things like this in our house!

Truth be told, this is my new favorite room of the whole house. It's finally FINISHED. I can breathe a sigh of relief. The one thing we were waiting on for this room to be done was new curtains. I was using a brown sheet because it made the room really dark and it was driving me bonkers. But I just never found curtains that I could bring myself to buy. They are so expensive. I would have done them myself, but I never made my way to the fabric store to even price fabric. So, I just hadn't done anything about it.

Enter, Goodwill.

We went on Saturday for something else, but there they were. $5 Target black curtains. For both panels. SO HAPPY. I told my husband how happy I was and how much it made my day to find these. He told me he felt sorry for me. Don't feel sorry for me, my good man! It was a good day.

I hadn't measured the window, and when I got home, I realized the curtains were the right width but the total wrong length. They were too short. Have no fear - I found a way.

I did have these brown curtains that were already hung and I had no intention of driving more screws through my already holed-up walls in my apartment.

Stitch Witch to the resue! Since I would be using a valance over the top, I stitch witched the black curtains on to the brown curtains. I measured so that the valance would cover the brown at the top and also be long enough to cover the window at the bottom.

Once the curtains were hung, I just did a little snip snip at the bottom to get rid of the excess brown curtain. I didn't even hem them up. For shame, for shame. 

And here it is!! I am SO happy with the result in this room. Everything just came together so nicely. (Thank you Mom for the beautiful nursery set which got me started on the zebra!) 

Here is Avery's side of the bed. The frame with a cross in it was a gift from my mother. It says, "For this child, we will pray." And it has Avery's name. It also has a picture from the day she was dedicated at church and everyone who came that day to watch her and celebrate with us signed it to Avery. The pink dress you see on the wall was what she was dedicated in. It was a gift from a family friend. I love that dress.

This is Sophia's side. I purchased this comforter at Target when we first moved in, but for the flowers that are on the other side. I looked and looked for a zebra print bed spread, thinking I was going to have to spend $60 on something for her side of the room. I don't know when it occured to me just to turn the comforter I already had over. Saved me about $60. Don't you just love when your brain stops being dumb and gives you a great idea?

I had all of these shelves that you attach to walls, which honestly, I am not a fan of. They are hard to hang. And if you just hang one small one in the middle of the wall by itself, it just looks dumb. But I had this small white one already and a larger wood one that had been in the floor of my room for about 3 years. I painted that one white and hung them both up.

The zebra tummy time mat is so soft. Normally, it sits in the middle of their floor, but for the purposes of this picture, it is on the bed. The black blob on the bottom of my picture is my dog, Bella. She matched, so I let her stay.

The lamp and table turned out so cute! You can see that before and after here. The horse was a gift from a shower. She is still not quite big enough to get on it, but she is getting there. When you press his ear, he sings a song and his mouth moves. The rocking chair is one of the favorite things I own and I got that from a wonderful friend of my mother's who needs to own an Etsy shop and sell her stuff. Her name is Kristen and she made this chair for Avery.

The chandeliers were a gift from my mother. They really add alot to the room! Those paintings I did myself. They were having a canvas sale at Michaels, so I got both canvases for $5. The paint cost about $3 and the brushes cost about $5. Not a bad price tag for something with such an impact!

I love this room. Stay tuned for the next project I completed in here tomorrow!


Brooklynn said…
Turned out cute!!!! Good job!

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