Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Why I Love Blankets

I love blankets.
Colorful and cozy throw blankets can add so much to a room. They add warmth and a feeling that people are actually living here! I have loved blankets as long as I can remember. I think it's because my mom always had blankets accessible in rooms growing up. We keep the house pretty cool, so we use blankets constantly, and I have at least two in each room where there are couches and chairs.
Along with providing warmth and being functional, blankets can cover up a host of décor problems including ill-fitting slip covers...
Or adding something to boring backs of couches...

and they can even help tie décor together.

I found two throw blankets on clearance at Target for cheap, cheap, cheap. They weren't exactly what I had in mind, but for the price, I figured, let's make it work.
My mom gave me that great candle holder...not sure if it's going to stay there, but we will see. I need to find some great candles to go with it.

This room is just expansive. I love it. I fell in love with the ranch style beams and high ceilings and great windows the moment I walked in. Taking down the enormous brass chandeliers and putting up those fans was the BEST thing we did.

The other problem I had when I moved into this house was the sliding doors. I am not a huge fan of these doors, French doors would look better, but French doors are PRICEY, so for now, I am dealing with it. I have two sliding doors, one in this room and one in my breakfast nook, and they both lead out to the sunroom. I did the windows two different ways, but in here, I decided to get three curtains and when they are closed, they look like one big curtain.

But when they are opened, they allow in the maximum amount of light and we don't have to mess with constantly opening the curtain to go outside.

I decided to move that picture from the fireplace to the side because it just never looked right to me. I always dreamed of putting a large black and white family picture on that fireplace. I thought the picture would be big enough but it still looked so puny. It is 25 X 36. It is an engineer print from Office Depot that cost me $5. I put it on black foam board from Dollar Tree. It turned out beautiful. That will be my next project for my gallery art hallway I have in my head, but that's another day.
Here is how it looked before the blankets..
and after. Blankets made a huge difference! I also turned the pillows around and moved the ottomans. I just love the way this room is coming together.


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