Monday, February 9, 2015

So, I Got This Wild Hair

Jason and I were sitting in our living room the other night and both said to each other, "Ugh. I hate the stuff in this room. I wonder how much we could get for our furniture..." So, we put our furniture on Craigslist that night and had someone come pick it up the next day. We then used that money to do a little redecorating.
Let me just tell you - decorating this huge room has been the bane of my existence. Nothing goes in here!! It has these enormous walls that I just don't even know what to put on them. We had been using this space as a TV room. We have this huge room with this gorgeous fireplace and all of the furniture pointed to the TV! It drove me nuts. And the whole floor is marble so it's not comfortable to lay on and watch TV, and it's cold and hard and you have to turn the TV up so loud because you are so far away from it. It was just driving me bonkers. So, here is what I did.
I found this beautiful piece of furniture in a garage sale one day and you couldn't even see it because of the amount of stuff surrounding it and on top of it. I just couldn't take it anymore!
So, I did some painting and some simplification. I resisted the urge to feel like I had to put a million things on that big old wall. And I love it.

I had this piece of furniture here...

And now it's my piano.
Yes, I know, the paint looks so pink in these pictures!! It's SALMON! Ha ha.

We got two new couches that face each other. We have people over quite a bit - this has really been nice to help with conversation. It will be even nicer with salmon colored pillows and blankets.
Here is the furniture before, when we first moved in...
And after.
We also got these little ottomans that serve as extra seating. They can be moved easily and also contain storage space for blankets. And there is my daughter, playing Legos.
I love these couches!!
And I got a special treat from my very dear friend and it was the best surprise EVER...

She made a star in her house and I love it. Every time I go in her house, I tell her how much I LOVE that star. And now I have one of my very own!! That shelf is getting painted - again. I can't wait to show you how I arranged the TV in our new TV watching room!! And this star will be so beautiful on top of a turquoise shelf, don't you think?
Ugh. I am tired just thinking about all of the work I did. I am going to bed.

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