Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My Home Workspaces

I was recently came across a co-working company called WeWork. It's a very interesting concept; it is a workspace that enables people to come together and allows businesses owners, entrepreuners, startups, or a varitey of other fields of work to work along side each other. I have worked in office spaces similiar, but never one that encouraged people to work along side each other. I am highly motivated by working around other people and have done that my whole career, up until now!
I thought I would share a little about my own work spaces at home! First and foremost, we have a bit of a unique situation. My husband works at home full time for his job, so I guess technically, we are "co-working" already. Since my husband sits at his desk all day and I get to come and go, he got the great desk location in the office of the window view.
The desk on the left is my husband's; the desk on the right is one of two desks I use in my house. These desks just happen to be in our home office.
This large desk was a gift from our friend who thought we could use it, and boy, do we ever! I actually have two home based businesses. I am a licensed Realtor for the state of Texas. I also am an independent consultant for Scentsy. Both are things that require me to have storage for different items. This desk allows me to keep my personal business cards, key cards, key boxes, marketing materials, business cards of colleagues, catalogs, scent testers, and order forms. I love that I have so many places to keep my stuff organized.
One of my favorite things about my workspaces right now is that my beautiful dog Bella is a staple on that couch when my husband and I work. She is a great work companion. My dog is a dog, but actually sounds like a cat or a cow, depending on how happy she is. So she will just sit on the couch, and occasionally, we hear her purr or moo.

The man who built our house actually built this room as an office for himself, so it has this great wall of shelves. It serves as storage for all types of things we use, including our file boxes that we use for personal business and work business. And it always looks this clean and organized, it was not at all staged this way for the purposes of this post.

I also need places to keep files, so I have these two helpful file folders. The black (ugly) one stays at my desk, but the cute one to the left, my adorable Thirty-One File a Tote, comes with me when I show houses or do a Scentsy party. It's helpful for me to be able to take documents I need outside the office.

This desk has no light and I need light to function in an office, so this desk serves only as storage purposes and nothing more.

Which is why I have to have desk #2 in a more desirable location!
This area doesn't provide much in the way of privacy, nor does it have a door that keeps little kids away, like the office does. But boy, does it have alot of light and great scenery.
The thing I love about my workspace in here is that my other beautiful dog, Molly, is a staple on this couch. I would love to say I don't allow my dogs to be spoiled and get on furniture, but that would be an outright fib. Molly sits on this couch and looks out the front of the house and protects us from mailmen or dog walking neighbors, so I think that earns her a spot on couch, don't you?

This desk doesn't offer much in the way of space, but I do love working out here. I feel like I am out in the open and can see what's going on, outside and in.

Oh, and it also has a tremendous view of the television.
Not that I ever get distracted watching it.
There is one of my favorite co-workers following me around, now!

And if I need more table space, here is my "conference room." I have had clients sign documents here before, so it really does do double duty.

All in all, I do love working at home and I do love that my husband and I get to see each other as much as we do. I love that I don't have to pack my lunch every day and drive to the office, so the fully stocked pantry and coffee maker in my office kitchen is a nice "perk."
On the other hand, I do miss working in an environment with others. My previous bosses have told me on numerous occasions that they love having me around because of my social tendencies, but it's also a detriment of mine because I tend to do alot of talking. There are many workers out there who hate cubicles, but I have always loved them. I love being right in the middle of the action, being able to get up on a small break, get a cup of coffee, and visiting with the person next to me. As we come into the holidays, I miss talking to others about what their plans are and what they are going to get their loved ones for Christmas. I also love walking to my office in downtown and seeing this view.
One of my favorite past times (and hopefully more than that, someday), is blogging and writing. I would love to be able to work in an environment that encouraged creativity and bouncing ideas off other people. If you ever want to remove the motivation from me, put me in a corner office, away from all other people. Most people strive for a large private office with a door and lots of beautiful paintings over gorgeous couches. Not me. Banish me into solitude and I shrivel, but make me do my job at the receptionist desk, and I am a happy, productive camper!
Just looking at WeWork, it looks like a great environment that encourages exactly the ambience and work space that would make me happy. If you are interested in learning more about what they do and if there are any locations near you, I encourage you to click the link for more information!
What would your ideal office enviroment look like? Would you love to work at home or in an office?

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