Monday, November 17, 2014

Is It Worth It To Be A Salesman?

I've never been interested in selling products as a consultant. While I would host parties to get free stuff for products I love and use, I never had any interest in selling it. I really don't know why, but in September my mind changed. I went to a party for Mary Kay and listened to the consultant's story of why she started selling makeup. Suddenly, it occurred to me, that my story was similar. She started selling to help her family financially, to get free product, and to help with taxes at the end of the year. I started thinking more and more about what I could do to add more income to our budget. I am a Realtor as well, and while being a Realtor has a far bigger pay off, it's not always an immediate payoff. It also can be a process. I realized I loved the idea of putting in efforts and seeing a pretty immediate pay off. I realized it had to be a product I loved and was already using and paying for...I had always said the only product I would even consider was Scentsy. Here are some of the things I have learned and why, so far, being a Scentsy consultant has been a positive experience and what to look for is selling product is a route you've been thinking about taking...

1. The investment was incredibly small and it is not required to purchase or keep inventory on hand. \

I paid $99 to become a consultant and had made back my investment, plus $111, within 15 days. That was really encouraging. With my $99, I received a whole kit of useful products. I could have used that product for myself, for parties, or to resell. I decided to try everything in my kit that I had never used, mainly the Layers products so I would know what to tell people who asked me about them. I also received my large tester kit which has been the key to helping new customers. 

2. Scentsy is a solid and quality product. 

I would never sell anything I didn't use regularly. Home fragrance has always been an obsession of mine and I have never gone without some type of candle, spray or plug in. When I received a warmer and bars as a gift once, I was hooked. I have used Febreze, Glade, Bath and Body works, you name it, I've used it. I love candles and have found certain brands of candles to be the only scent that comes close to Scentsy. The warmers look beautiful, the bars last and are affordable, and there are so many different types of scents. Don't ever sell anything you aren't completely hooked on and passionate have to love to talk about it. 

3. I can sell for 30 days and get a commission check for what I sold the whole month right after. 

I love that every month, I get to start fresh with a new opportunity to sell more. I started off with 20% of my sales and have now graduated to 25%. If I sell $1,000 this month, on the 10th of December I will get a deposit of $250. It's that simple. 

4. Scentsy is a product that needs to be replenished.

I go through bars like kids go through Halloween candy. I have 7 warmers in my house, so you can imagine that bars around here don't last long. This is true for everyone who has Scentsy. While it might take some people longer, they will still eventually need more. I didn't want to sell anything where people would buy one then I would have to constantly find new customers. I have a lot of friends who love Scentsy and I didn't know anyone in my circle who was still selling it. 

5. I love that I can host my own parties, then get free stuff AND commission on what I sell. 

One of the reasons I love selling Scentsy is because it's a great housewarming gift and thank you gift for my clients as a Realtor. Win win!! I get to buy the products I love, then turn around and get commission on what I sell. That's pretty awesome.

6. I do not ever feel pressure from anyone to add people to my team. 

I know in a lot of companies, it's encouraged and expected to get lots of people to sign up under you. I don't feel that at all. I love that I am not bullied constantly to get more consultants to sign up. If you want to, great! I don't even think I've asked one person because I don't want anyone to sell something they aren't 100% excited or motivated to sell. 

If you've ever given thought to selling product, I hope this list has given you some food for thought!! 

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