Sunday, November 23, 2014

Avery's Birthday Party!

I can't believe it. I have a 4 year old daughter!!
We had a Pajama and Pancake themed birthday party yesterday and it was so much fun! I think everyone enjoyed showing up comfy as much I did.

Avery got lots of her favorite things - dress up clothes. She can't EVER have enough dress up clothes. This Elsa dress, though - Oh. My. Goodness. It lights up and sings Let It Go.

She also got lots of Doc McStuffins stuff....if we expect her to keep us in the lifestyle we dream of during retirement, she'd better get really good at this version of Operation.


Avery Grace,
You have given me and your dad so much joy. You are a handful - you love to have things your way, you love to be in charge, and you love to be independent. You also love to give me hugs and kisses, you love to tell us "thank you!" and you are kind and thoughtful. You are so smart - you catch on to things so fast and you love to sing us songs. You have such a little attitude!! You love to pose for pictures and be the center of attention! You have such a creative imagination and will play and play. Dressing up and playing make-believe is your most favorite thing! I love that you still love me to rock you and read to you. I love that you still let me love on you. I love that I am still your best friend. I hope it stays that way! I am so proud of you! Happy birthday, 4 year old!
Love, Mommy


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