Monday, May 26, 2014

Rainforest Cafe

Because today was kind of a crummy day to go swimming or be outside, we thought about where we could take Avery that would be fun for her. We decided on the Rainforest Café. We have only been there once with the kids, because it is close to the kids' mom's house, and Avery didn't like it at all. She couldn't quite understand that the animals are not real. They are kind of scary for little kiddos. But, we went today, and she liked it a lot more!
They do have some pretty cool aquariums. I swear, kids can't look at an aquarium without wondering where Nemo or Dori are.

Avery found a cheetah above us that freaked her out at first, until she realized it was not a real cheetah.

I had a hamburger and fries, and between that and the other carbs I've had this weekend, I will be in the gym hardcore this week!

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