Monday, May 5, 2014

Bad Blogger!

I have just really fallen behind on the blogging lately! Not that anyone cares or anything :-) But it's not like we haven't had stuff going on these last weeks!!
Our city got a new Dairy Queen and we are all pretty excited about it. Like, really excited. Like, you'd have thought the Royal Wedding came back through our town or something. But, we had to go and get a Blizzard!!
Avery had her first ice cream of the season from the ice cream truck. We won't be getting ice cream from him anymore, either. $7 for two things, I don't think so! But Avery liked it, as evidenced by the dribbling of chocolate down her shirt (and shorts. and shoes.)

Avery loves my heels. LOVES them. The other day, she was aggravated because I was wearing them to church and she didn't get to. "Cam I wear them, mom???" (Cam, not can!)

Our town had a very cool festival the other day and we got to go! Avery is 4'2 and can ride all of the rides. My stepdaughter wasn't 4'2 until the third grade! Insane! She loved most all of the ones we tried except the little roller coaster. She did NOT like that. But she rode this little motorcycle ride a bunch!

Avery and I went to the library and she got to read. I am looking forward to story times this summer for sure!

Avery came into the kitchen and proudly announced this was her super cape. Looks like one to me!

We got to hang out with our Colbi the other day while her mom was at work! I looked around in the car and saw them playing footsies. So cute.
They look so big. Of course, Avery wasn't happy unless she was wearing her Tangled dress.

They look so big. Here they are when they were little. Avery is actually about Colbi's age in this picture!
Colbi loved trying on my shoes!

Apparently these kids like to try on their uncles and aunts shoes because Avery did that with Dave, too.
We went outside and collected things in our basket!

My parents also did some gardening the other day and Avery helped them with the "dugging."
And got to water some plants!!

Such an exciting time!

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