Friday, May 9, 2014

A Busy Day in the Life

I actually like days where we have a lot on our agenda that requires us to get out of the house. Sometimes, when I have Avery, I feel like she is so bored. These are the times I want to have another sibling - so she can have someone to play with besides me or her dad all the time. When her brother and sister are here, we never see the child. When it's just us, I won't lie - it's hard find stuff to do with a 3 year old all the time.
Today, we had a full schedule. I didn't take a picture at every single place, but here are a few.
Our mini-van needed some routine maintenance that apparently can only be done at the dealership, so we started the day spending a little over an hour waiting. Good thing I had my fully charged tablet and the dealership had really good Wi-Fi! Since I knew she'd need to be well behaved, I bribed her in the morning with some donuts. Donuts really aren't a regular occurrence at our house, not that I think they are bad, I just always forget that we have a shop close to our house! Luckily, we got an extra free one "for the cute little girl."
After that, we had to go to Discount Tire because we had a nail in our tire so we stopped in for a patch job. Avery had to write down orders like the guys who were working. She was even getting water for the people waiting. I have nothing if not a social kid!
We also had to stop by Office Max for some ink and paper. I realized I had an Office Max discount card for being a Realtor, and boy, WAS it a discount! So we saved some money, and I didn't feel guilty about taking her out to eat twice in one day! Off to Wendy's! I have to say - this visit was less than pleasant. It's just not worth the calories sometimes because it's just not as good as you'd like for it to be. But, the Frosty was amazing!
After Wendy's, I had to stop at the store to get some new summer working clothes. Avery loves to go shopping. She was organizing the empty hangers. Terrible picture I know!
Then, we did some grocery shopping, for which I didn't take a picture. I did, however, find a Kroger with a gas station, and I had like 300 fuel points that were about the expire, so I also saved some money on gas today. Enough to pay for a few new skirts that I needed, woo-hoo!!
So now, Avery is spending some quality time with her dad, while I get ready to start celebrating Mother's Day.
Movie night with my girls!!! Happy mother's day to all you tired, hard working, tired, hard cleaning, tired, grocery shopping, tired, play date organizing, tired, watchers of swimming lessons, tired, jungle gyms for your kids, tired, Frozen-watching, tired, wonderful moms in the world!!!

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