Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Method to My Madness???

I am HOPING my dining room will be finished in a couple of weeks so I can post some "after" pictures!!! It's coming along beautifully. I believe I am starting the wood stain tonight (it will take 5 days, one coat per day, 3 stain coats and 2 top coats). This is a first for me, I've never used wood stain before. Another first? I used glaze for the first time. And I liked it! I am truly in love with how the chairs are turning out. I will post some of the before and after pictures of those tomorrow. I am also using polyeurethane (spelling?) All of these things REALLY made me nervous and now that I am trying them out, I really don't know why. In fact, I am looking for other things to glaze in my house. I just LOVE the look it gives to furniture and accessories!

Anyway, I thought I would talk a little today about creativity and processes within each of us. I have read alot of "how tos" lately - how to paint furniture, how to glaze furniture, how to sand furniture, how to decorate for a small bathroom, over and over, more and more articles. You read step by step instructions, detailing all of these decorating processes. I swear, I never follow things step by step. I do step 1 and 2, switch over to ste 1 of project 2, switch back to project 1, and back and forth... Is it just me? Am I the only one who is a crazy person when it comes to this?

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I get SO bored with redecorating furniture. I really do. I love doing the first one, like the first chair, the first drawer, but then after that, it's just boring. Until the end, then I am so glad I did it! In my dining room, right now, you will find 4 of 7 plates hung on my plate wall. Do I have all 7 plates? Yes. I just haven't hung them all. You will find 2 of the 5 drawers finished in my new-to-me dresser that will serve as a buffet. 5 of the 9 handles are painted. 1 of the 6 chairs is complete, 1 is awaiting a top coat, 2 are only spray painted but no glaze, and 2 haven't been touched. I have a painting that is halfway done. I have two of the four curtains ready and hung. The other two are in a pile in my living room.

I swear, I am THE most distractable (word??), ADD, inpatient, "don't want to do that now, gotta get to the next thing" kind of person. It's that way in ALL areas of my life. I have all these great ideas but terrible follow through. I have terrible sticktuitiveness. I work VERY well on last minute deadlines. You have no idea how many times I was like, "Mom, Dad, I have a report due tomorrow, can you take me to the library?" "Jenna, it's 8:30. The library closes in 30 minutes." "That's OK, that's all I need!" "Jenna, why do you wait till the very last minute to do EVERYTHING??? (continued scolding...)" Cut to the next day - my report is done and I get an A. I believe the term I am trying to find is PROCRASTINATOR???? I can clean my house better than anyone, but only if I know company is coming over. I will wait until the last possible second to purchase dog food. It's like, I can't function unless my life is in some sort of crisis?? And if it's not in a crisis, I will find my way to put myself INTO a crisis. Like, I always have to be up against a deadline. "Oh darn it! I was going to go get Avery diapers last night, but I REALLY wanted to watch that episode of Law and Order SVU, what I can fashion into a diaper that will work until I can get to the store??? Oh, and by the way, I am running late, as with every single day of my entire life to this point, so I have to do this FAST..."

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I used to look up ways to change this on the internet. I would Google "how to stop being a procrastinator." Just when I found an article, I would remember that I had to make my car payment. Or I would remember I told someone I'd find a time for the movie later. 30 minutes later, I would have no idea what I got on the computer for in the first place.

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My point: do I really need to change this about myself? Yes, I really do. Especially now that I am married and a mother. Jason does a good job of dealing with my projects that I have been in the middle of for days, until he gets tired of it and says, "I am in the mood to help you, this get this DONE!" Or "surprise! My family is coming to town next weekend, let's get on getting these curtains hung!"

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The truth is, I LIKE living my life like this. I've tried to be a proactive person, who has all of her stuff done and house clean. It's just not who I am. I find myself BORED that way. I am happier feeling swamped. I think that's why I enjoyed being a restaurant manager so much, I was ALWAYS busy and it was mass chaos most of the time. But it annoys me too. Ugh, I am torn. I should really give this some more thought. Hey look, Pinterest!!!!

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We watch fireworks at Grapevine lake. They have them every friday night in the summer at 9:30. We just have Katie take a late nap so she can last until then. She loves it!