Monday, June 4, 2012

First Meeting and Other Incidentals

Friday was my first meeting and my first weigh in. It wasn't as bad as I expected! (The weigh in). I really enjoyed my meeting and I am looking forward to another one this week.

I chose Weight Watchers for a few reasons. 1) It's cheaper than joining a gym. 2) You get as much support as you need, either online or in person. 3) You don't have to buy their food. 4) You can eat whatever food you choose. 5) You get more points a day by doing more activity and bonus points to be used at your discretion each week. 6) When I reach my goal weight and stay there for six weeks, Weight Watchers is free forever.

I have done really really well this week on staying within my points. I've even done well at exercising, or at least, fitting it in when I could. The meeting on Friday was about activity and it really encouraged me to find something to do every week, at least four times a week. I like the way Weight Watchers is designed! There were lots of people at the meeting who were so nice and welcoming. Some of them were thin, some were not. Some were aiming to lose 30 pounds, while others had over 100. I know I am in the right place, though, because when I walked in, not one person said, "You are too thin to be here!" like they used to. I knew it was time to lose weight when the comments changed after I made this statement: "I am so fat!" When I was younger, people would tell me I was nuts. Now, they immediately respond with, "you just need to walk, or something!" Getting older is not easy.

Miss Priss is just a little stinker lately! She's hid my deodarant, a shoe, and several bows that I've yet to be able to find. This is going to be fun stage. (Note the sarcasm).

She is in the stage where she can do lots and lots of things herself. She knows where things go (note the baby in the stroller). She is very independent. She likes to do things herself, like brushing her teeth and brushing her hair. She tries to put on her shoes, but just can't quite get the hang of it. When I try to help her sometimes, she just HATES it. We are in the beginning stages of tantrums. I refuse to take a picture of her doing it because even though it's hilarious (now) I don't want her thinking I think it's cute enough to take a picture of. But she will just drop to the floor or her belly and cry. WHOOO can she cry!

Avery climbs up EVERYTHING. Her new favorite is this window seat. She is also in a hitting stage. This one is hard. She loves to hit, even if it's slightly, in the face. We are always having to tell her, "Avery, that hurts mommy's feelings when you hit me!" Or "Don't hit!" But along with this stage, she also is learning what things mean, which is fun. (Example, when she puts her fingers on our side and says "tickle!" she knows we are supposed to laugh. Or "boom" which is the fist bump thing her uncle Dabe taught her. Thanks for that, by the way.)

It's a great stage, but a trying one! Look out, terrible twos!

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