Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Upcoming Dining Room Transformation

I am so excited to be bringing you this news....

My dining room is getting a makeover! This is how it looked when I started.

Actually, the truth is that it looks a little different. I painted the lampshades black and put up some horrible curtains that are still in my house.

But as you can see from this picture, the transformation is taking shape.

I think I had mentioned this, but that table and chairs was a hand me down from my parents. We've had that table as long as I can remember and now, it's mine! It's a really pretty set, but I've had some ideas for how to redo it for a while. If you look in the above picture, it's a wash of brown, what with the hardwood floors and wood paneling. So, I started thinking about what I want to do.

I bought some Ivory spray paint and will be painting all of the chairs and base of the table. It will then get some glaze to bring down the brightness of the color and bring out the detailing. The top of the table will get stained a deep brown. My hope is to find a buffet or something similiar for the wall and a corner hutch that will be painted to match.

Here is the look I am hoping for:

I also started a plate wall and will be using burlap for curtains. Which I am super excited about.

Tell me how good that will look against the paneling! (White burlap is cheap and has a good texture, it's a great option for a curtain!)

I can't wait to be finished, but this project is one that will take a lot of time. So far, it takes about one can of spray paint to paint one chair and it takes me two nights after work to do one. I started the day after Mother's Day and have done three so far. (I am also working on another project). I haven't even started on the table, which will need some repairing. But when it's done, it's going to be SOOO worth it!

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