Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day In Roswell

Our trip to Roswell was a success! We made it there and back again, so that's success, right? The trip there was much better than the trip back. Avery slept about an hour on the trip there and was just fine being in the car. The way back was a different story. I think her tummy was hurting and she just didn't want to be in the car seat (who can blame her!) She was really fussy and sometimes, she just plain wailed and cried. We were ready to be done!

My boss let us borrow a power inverter that allows you to plug in a regular plug into a box that is plugged into the car lighter, so we could watch the laptop as much as we wanted. What a lifesaver. I don't know what we would have done if Avery couldn't watch movies. This was our set up in the back seat...

(I just love sleeping babies and there gooey chubby cheeks!)

We stopped to grab some dinner on the way. If this doesn't describe the trip, I don't know what does...

There really were aliens everywhere in Roswell! There were at least six shops selling alien memorobilia, an alien museum, the McDonalds and hotels had alien ships and aliens, and an alien store that had a place to take lots of pictures with aliens doing funny things. We opted not to take the time to do this, as we were ready to stop shopping!

We took a day trip to Ruidoso to take a look at the camp grounds. We stopped and had lunch at the Smokey Bear Restaurant in Lincoln, NM. The front of this store was funny, but there were so many stores along the way that looked just like this. There was just, stuff, everywhere! Bright colors and, well, junk. Good photo op, though.

Shari's name is Nawni and Grandma. Nawni to our kids, Grandma to Faith's. I know, I know. Apparently Shari wanted to go by Grandma but when Jordan was born, his mom insisted that he call her Nawni. So, now, ten years later, that can't be undone, so Jordan and Soph keep calling her Nawni. Well, Shari called Avery "punkin." She would say, "Hi punkin!" and Avery would reply and say, "Hi Punkin!" Well, it just kind of stuck. So every time Shari would walk in the room, Avery would say, "Hi Punkin!" We were all laughing so hard because Shari might end up having THREE names!!

This is one of my MOST favorites....

Nawni and Poppy were so happy to see Avery. She loved being there. She ran around all over the house and just had such a great disposition the whole time! Their dog just had puppies a few weeks ago and they were oh-so-cute! Avery was fascinated by them, but wasn't ready to play with them just yet. She kept calling them "Bella." We kept trying to tell her, "This dog's name is Cindy!" But it didn't matter. She still called her "Bewwa."

We were so glad we got to go, but we were so glad to be home!!!

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