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There Are No Words....

Tears are streaming down my face as I read this post.

Some of you may be following this blog. I saw it in passing today and had to read her story. This sweet little boy is in the last phases of his life. He has a condition known as EB. For more information about EB, click here. But for a very brief description:

Junctional Herlitz EB is a very severe form of EB. These infants often die during infancy due to overwhelming infection (sepsis), malnutrition, dehydration, electrolyte imbalance or complications resulting from blistering in the respiratory, gastrointestinal or genitourinary tract.

All I could think of when I read this post is sadness for the pain this boy is going through, but more sadness for his mother who has to watch him suffer. Now that I have a daughter, I can feel in my heart the pain of watching your child suffer. Watch him or her only be with you for a short time. It's just heartbreaking. The emotions that would run through me would be more than I think I could bear. What I do know is that soon, this little miracle will be running with Jesus, no more pain, no more restrictions. Just Joy With Jesus.

I can honestly say that I never, ever, EVER take for granted the time I get with my daughter. I never take for granted that she's healthy. And beautiful. And smart. Not even one minute. I don't get frustrated with her hardly ever because any of these women would give their life to be up with their child at 3 am because they are cranky or cold or hungry as opposed to watching their child not be able to sleep because they are in pain and swollen until they are completely unrecognizable. They would love to be frustrated with their children because they are climbing all over everything and running too fast as opposed to being bedridden and restriction. They would love to be able to hug their child as HARD as they could and kiss their child as much as they could without the fear of causing them pain. I kiss my daughter constantly. She is just going to have to deal with it, because any time I pick her up, her cheek is mine. Or her lips, or forhead, or hand. Or anything else I can get my hands on. Sometimes her dad and I squeeze her so hard I am sure she can't breathe. But I don't care. And I don't question why God gave me a beautiful, healthy baby and other people weren't as lucky. Because God has a plan. I just appreciate every moment because it can be taken away from you at any moment.

On that note, every time I watch the St. Jude commercials, I feel compelled to give something because I have a healthy child and these parents don't. I don't know how much money I can donate, but something that's been on my heart for years (since Bella has been about one) is to train Bella to be a therapy dog. I think Bella has the best disposition and I've always thought she would do well visiting kids in a hospital. I think it's worth giving it a try. A guy at my office adopted two retired full time therapy dogs (meaning they were only one owner, full time). One dog is still a part time therapy dog. They travel to Baylor hospitals and visit the children's area a couple of times a month. I've already been in contact with the person there and intend on following this process forward. I feel it's a way of giving back something to these children who are hurting. If Bella and I can bring them happiness in their times of sorrow, it's our duty and calling from God to do it.

I hope Bella ends up making a good candidate. It takes a special kind of dog. They say therapy dogs are born, not trained. Bella has always been a dog who is calm (once she is done wagging her powerful tail at you). She will lay down at your feet and let you pet her. She loves being around people, not off by herself. She loves kids. She follows direction. She needs some obediance training (she is not great on a leash) but that is it. I saw Avery the other day grab Bella by her lip and pull as hard as she could, to the point where Bella yelped, and Bella just stood up and moved. That is a test that the hospital will put her through. I really hope this works out because like I said, it's been on my heart for a long time now.

Pray for Tripp and his mother. I know I will.


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