Sunday, July 12, 2015

More Spray Painting....

So, here another project I've been working on.

This shelf started off black, and I decided to paint it cream. I'm not a huge fan of putting white on white, but I think it works pretty well in this space.

I went a little nuts with the spray paint this weekend. As you can see, Rustoleum Aqua has been on my favorites list for a while. Everything here has been painting with that, except for the lamp, which I got for $7 at Family Dollar one day. This vase was one of about 10 I had that I decided to paint white a few years ago, I literally just sprayed the bottom of it blue, no tape or anything, just to add some contrast. That "faith" d├ęcor was gold and I found it for a $1 at Dollar Tree one year. I just painted it blue. The tree limbs just came out of my front yard for fall last year and they've just stayed in ever since.

I love this space and how this is all turning out. Very comfy but deliberate. Relaxing but stylish.

I found these frames at a garage sale a while back. My intention was to do something artsy with the canvas inside, but after I painted them, I got the idea to glue some jute to hang them on the wall. My next step will be to find some 3D something to put in there, maybe a collection of old cool keys or antlers or something. That will come to me one day, I'm sure.

This is a picture of my daughter twirling that my mom gave me one year. I love her face in these pictures.

This space now has such great flow. I love it.

Across from that is my newly painted dresser and one of my favorites. My friend Kelli made this for me for my birthday after I constantly told her how much I loved hers when I went to her house, and it was the best surprise. I love that it's one of the first things you see when you walk into my house.

That picture frame I've had for years and it was in one of the drawers. I found it when I painted the dresser and was so happy. The candles and candle holder was a $5 garage sale find that I painted and distressed over the weekend.

This is probably one of my favorite wedding pics. The stuff in the vase is my wedding unity sand. After 5 years, it's getting pretty dusty and a certain 4 year old has played in it a time or two. I'm sure one day I will have to just pour it out, but that day is not today. I can't bring myself to, just yet.

Up next is a complete tour of my whole space, along with my 70% finished gallery wall. Thanks for all of the great responses on my posts so far, it's so wonderful to hear positive things!!

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