Monday, May 4, 2015

My Older Home and Why I LOVE IT!

I love my house. I really do. But my house, as with most old houses, needs a lot of updating. Don' get me wrong - this house has SO much character. Character that I love. Like these great lights. I love these lights.
Or these black lava rock columns that match the fireplace.

Or what my kids call "the castle dungeon hallway" because of these yellow, pointy lights that shine all eery at night.

But look at this hallway and tell me you've EVER seen a hallway as cool as this one?

My house is full of these old, ornate light fixtures and wall sconces. Most of them aren't worth saving, but these in Avery's room need a good cleaning and are salvageable, just because, what little girls room is really complete without crystals on your mirror?

And a huge pink bathtub? What girl gets that? (It's so retro but I still love it)

This is a chandelier hanging in my bathroom. It gets so dirty so quickly from dust and hairspray, but I would hate to lose it, it's so neat.

And this neat chandelier in my dining room. It needs a new paintjob, but I love the shape.

I am on the fence about these doors. They are bigger than most front doors and really heavy, and those big brass handles are crazy. But I love the way they look with the house.

A few things I am ready to be done with are things like this bathroom...
There were so many patterns going on in this house the first time I saw it. it was unbelievable.
Blue and white and gold tile with black and white marble counter tops...
Three separate variations of brown, orange and while, yowza.
Complete with a brown toilet and saloon doors!
I love all of the closet space and built ins, but gotta love brass pulls! (WHICH ARE EVERYWHERE). I think once I counted that between the kitchen and all four bathrooms., two built in desks, and all of the built in drawers and cabinets, I have over 120 pulls in this house to replace!
My house also has five pocket doors, which I LOVE. But what is this door missing in my master bedroom? Oh right. A LOCK.
And then, there are the really cool, but need to be replaced, doorknobs. I have 8 of these that need to get replaced!
Older homes aren't for everyone, trust me. As a Realtor, I am drawn to older homes because I just love that they are so different and unique. My house is the coolest house I've ever seen and I wish everyone else loved these older homes as much as I do! But it's hard to compete with brand new. But my bedrooms are the size of most masters, if not bigger. I have two master rooms in my house and all bedrooms have access to a bathroom. So, all in all, I love it enough to make it work.
What about you, do you love older homes that need some tender loving care or do you prefer state of the art?

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